Soneteste® - Advanced resonant spectroscopy

For defect detection in metallic and non-metallic parts in accordance with ASTM-E2001-13.

Soneteste® Systems are based on resonant spectroscopy (ASTM-E2001) for defect detection at the production line. They are suitable for the inspection of sintered metal powder, technical ceramics, white ware, tiles and cast-iron parts.

Soneteste® for sintered metal powder parts.

The Soneteste® Systems are able to detect cracks, delamination and properties deviations by analyzing the part resonances pattern. Defects and properties variation lead to frequency shifts and splits. The Soneteste systems can be tailor-made to meet the needs of each customer.

Soneteste® Semi-automatic

The Soneteste® Semi-automatic is a benchtop version of the Soneteste for manual operation. It is suitable for criteria development. Visual inspection must be combined with its use.

  • Soneteste® Semi-automatic.

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Items of the Soneteste® Semi-automatic:

  • 01 Soneteste® Software license with free 5-years updates.
  • 01 Desktop computer Dell Inspiron or equivalent with Windows 10 Pro and MS Office.
  • 01 Part support with IED and acoustic sensor holders.
  • 01 Automatic excitation device IED.
  • 01 Directional acoustic sensor CA-DP.

Soneteste® brochure

Discover more about the Soneteste®. It will provided you cost-effective inspection.