ATCP's role in combating COVID-19

Disposable face masks are one of the most effective weapons in combating Covid-19. As a result, the world experienced a shortage of this product in 2020, which is manufactured using ultrasonic welding. Mask manufacturers had to expand production and many companies in nearby industries have joined in a global effort to meet the demand surge. ATCP collaborated with this effort by providing training and test instruments for masks manufacturers and ultrasonic welding equipment companies.

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Experimental system for defect detection by guided waves

ATCP participated in the development of an experimental system for researches with guided wave for defect detection and location on multilayer tubular structures. The system is capable of generating longitudinal and torsional guided waves, capturing transmitted and reflected signals and analyzing these signals.

ATCP's service consisted in the development of ultrasonic transceivers, instrumentation for field use and software for signal processing.

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Ultrasound-catalyzed wastewater treatment

ATCP provided consulting and consultancy services for the development of an ultrasonic-catalyzed electrochemical incinerator. Ultrasonic by Langevin-type transducers was applied for the dispersion of pathogenic agglomerates, homogenization and cleaning of UV lamps.

The ATCP service consisted in scaling the ultrasound, prospecting the suppliers and following up the ultrasonic equipment tryout and startup.

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Training for maintenance of iron ore filters’ ultrasonic cleaning system

ATCP provided training and test equipment for the preventive and corrective maintenance of iron ore filters’ ultrasonic cleaning systems.

Ultrasonic cleaning is necessary to keep the porous ceramic plates clean in these filters. The need for maintenance and recovery of ultrasonic immersible boxes is frequent due to impact damages by broken ceramic plates.

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