PiezoClamping® - Prestress and charge meter for piezoceramics

For the assembly of ultrasonic transducers and converters with optimal prestress.

PiezoClamping® is a piece of novel equipment to standardizes the prestress on the piezoceramics, preventing damage in converters and Langevin-type power ultrasonic transducers. Unlike torque control, prestress is a well-defined value that depends mainly on the piezoelectric material compressive strength. The ideal prestress is insensitive to the bolt type, thread characteristics and lubrication.

PiezoClamping® overview (video).

PiezoClamping® is easy to use, accurate and immune to the variations undermining traditional methods of prestress control by torque and charge measurement using a voltmeter.

Prestress with PiezoClamping step 1Prestress with PiezoClamping step 2 Converter assembly with prestress control by PiezoClamping®.

Simply connect the PiezoClamping, entry the ceramics’ parameters and tighten the transducers’ bolt until the target prestress is reached. The tightening can be applied slowly and with pauses.

Important note: PiezoClamping® was developed and is manufactured by ATCP Physical Engineering. Check out our distributors list on contact webpage. PiezoClamping® is a registered trademark of ATCP Physical Engineering.

Technical specifications:
Prestress range:From 0.1 to 99.9 MPa.
Electrical charge:From 0.1 to 999.9 μC.
Number of piezoceramics:From 1 to 8 units.
Electrical discharge protection:400W peak pulse at 10/1000μs waveform.
Operation:Stand alone.
Warranty period:Two-year.
Power supply:90-260 VAC 50/60 Hz.

Every PiezoClamping® unit is subjected to strict and meticulous quality control and supplied with 2-year world-wide warranty. ATCP ships next day to any country served by UPS and FedEx.

Industries we serve with PiezoClamping®

We are experienced on serve a broad range of industries:

  • Ultrasonic welder manufacturers;
  • Ultrasonic cleaner manufacturers;
  • Medical equipment manufacturers;
  • Sonar and Tonpilz manufacturers;
  • Langevin-type / bolt-clamped transducers manufacturers;
  • Research groups;
  • R&D departments;
  • Piezoelectric sensors manufacturers.

PiezoClamping® improves performance, prolongs useful life and reduces technical assistance in warranty of power ultrasonic equipment.

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