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  • Creative technology...

    We are proud to offer you creative and effective test instruments based on frequency analysis for power ultrasonics and materials characterization.

    Creative technology...

    We offer creative and effective test instruments based on frequency analysis.
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  • TRZ® Analyzer
  • SonicSniffer®
  • PiezoClamping®
  • Sonelastic® HZ

TRZ® Analyzer

Ultrasonic transducer and horn analyzer.

TRZ Horn Analyzer TRZ Horn Analyzer software converter curve

TRZ® Analyzer is a dedicated test instrument for the maintenance, manufacturing and quality control of power ultrasonic transducers, converters, boosters, horns and acoustic stacks. It determines the frequencies, impedances and the mechanical quality factor of the device under test. It has a software which makes the tuning process easier, applies acceptance criteria, generates test report and saves/compares results.


Non-contact ultrasonic frequency meter.

Ultrasonic frequency meter SonicSniffer

Don’t fly blind! The SonicSniffer® allows establishing an operating frequency baseline for ultrasonic welding equipment and detects frequency shifts, which indicate when there is need to perform preventive maintenance. Routine readings alert that something is not right possibly avoiding equipment failure and saving unnecessary expenses with new converters, boosters and horns.


Prestress and charge meter for piezoceramics.

Presstress & Charge Meter PiezoClamping

PiezoClamping® is a piece of novel equipment to standardize the prestress on the piezoceramics, preventing possible damage to converters and power ultrasonic transducers. Simply connect the PiezoClamping®, entry the ceramic parameters and tighten the transducer until the desired prestress is achieved. Unlike the tightening torque, prestress is a well-known value depending only on the ceramic type. The tightening can be applied slowly and with pauses without affecting the result.

Sonelastic® HZ

Elastic moduli characterization for accurate Finite Element Modeling and Analysis

Sonelastic elastic properties FEA FEM horn Sonelastic software elastic properties FEA FEM horn FEA FEM elastic properties ultrasonic horn

Knowing the elastic moduli exact values is crucial for accurate Finite Element Analysis and Modeling (FEA/FEM). Sonelastic® HZ enables you to measure the Young’s modulus, Shear modulus, Poisson´s ratio and damping of metallic alloys used in the manufacturing of ultrasonic horns and parts. Sonelastic® HZ may even eliminate the need for interactive milling with frequency measurement for horn tuning.


Support to power ultrasonics equipment use, maintenance, quality control and development.
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Elastic properties FEA FEM ultrasonic
SI Traceable calibration
  • Horn tuning & stack testing

    TRZ® Analyzer main applications TRZ® Analyzer main applications are horns and ultrasonic parts tuning, ultrasonic welding stacks maintenance, converters repair

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  • Prestress technology

    Prestress technology for piezoelectric ceramics Prestress is the average static stress to which the ceramics of a transducer or converter

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  • Piezoceramics testing

    Piezoelectric ceramics test for crack detection Content of ATCP ITC-01 white paper. Objectives and applications Piezoelectric ceramics are fragile and

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  • Stack preventive maintenance

    SonicSniffer® applications The SonicSniffer® main application is to perform routine inspection of power ultrasonic equipment for the early detection of

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  • PiezoClamping®

    Optimum tightening for power ultrasonic transducers and converters.
  • TRZ® Analyzer

    Ultrasonic transducer and horn analyzer.
  • PiezoHolder®

    Piezoceramics defects detection with the TRZ®.
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