TRZ<sup>®</sup> Mattresses Industry

ATCP has provided a TRZ® Analyzer for a major manufacturer of mattresses and pocket springs. In that case, TRZ® Analyzer will be used in predictive, corrective and preventive maintenance of ultrasonic welding systems employed in machines that manufacture and package the springs.

Sometimes during the manufacturing process, the spring escapes out of the "pocket" and is pressed by the ultrasonic system at the time of welding, which kneads and damages the face of the sonotrode. This damage alters the operating frequency of the equipment and must be corrected.

The TRZ® Analyzer will be also used to recover transducers and to manufacture new sonotrodes, as well as to perform preventive maintenance.

Pocket springs manufacturers face serious problems with the reproducibility and reliability of ultrasonic welding systems of the machines to manufacture and pack the springs. In this context, TRZ® Analyzer is valuable piece of equipment because it provides greater control and understanding about the state of ultrasonic welding systems.

TRZ® Analyzer