TRZ® Analyzer accessories


PiezoHolder is an optional accessory to ease the test of piezoelectric ceramics performed by the TRZ® Analyzer for internal cracks detection, quality control and refurbishing. It provides reliability in regard to the piezo element mechanical integrity.

Piezoelectric ceramics are the main element of ultrasonic transducers and converters. They are responsible for the conversion of electric energy into ultrasonic waves and vice-versa by the piezoelectric effect. Cracks, even if internal and small, cause heating, losses, frequency shifts and reduce lifespan severely.

Piezoceramic OK TRZ Analyzer Cracked piezoceramic TRZ Analyzer
Impedance pattern of a ceramic with no cracks and of one with an internal crack. The presence of cracks is easily identifiable by additional resonances.

The presence of cracks on the piezo ceramic breaks vibration symmetry, allowing the occurrence of additional modes, which are detectable by using the TRZ® Analyzer and Software as shown on the figure above. The results judgment is graphical and should be interpreted by the user. Learn more.

Technical specifications:
Measurable piezoceramics
Geometries: Rings and discs.
Minimum diameter: 15 mm.
Maximum diameter:100 mm.
Minimum thickness:0 mm.
Maximum thickness: 19 mm.
Calibration Kit

The TRZ® Analyzer functional test may be performed easily by using the “Calibration Kit”. This accessory is particularly useful for critical applications when daily functional tests are required, e.g. quality control of medical equipment. The “TRZ® Calibration Kit” consists of a standard 100 kHz resonator and a 10 kΩ / 0,1% precision resistor.

Depending on the customer application demand and the quality management system policy, one can send the Calibration Kit for calibration instead of sending the TRZ® Analyzer itself. Calibrating the Calibration Kit is usually cheaper than calibrating the TRZ® Analyzer and there is no need to send the equipment for calibration.

Technical specifications
Resistance (R): 10000 Ω ± 10 Ω.
Resonance frequency (Fr):100.5 kHz ± 5.5 kHz.
Resonance impedance (|ZFr|):≥ 5.00 kΩ.
Antiresonance frequency (Fa): 93.5 kHz ± 3.5 kHz.
Antiresonance impedance (|ZFa|):≤ 500 Ω.
Mechanical quality factor (Qm):≥ 20.

Important notes: - The TRZ® Analyzer precision and accuracy are higher than those of the Calibration Kit. - It is possible to calibrate the TRZ Analyzer with high precision and accuracy by applying a calibrated frequency counter and resistive decade, as described on the equipment’s manual, under the topic 6.5 (Calibration, adjustment and functional test), page 31.

The TRZ® Software has the Calibration Kit criteria preprogrammed, you only need to connect it, run the test and check if all the results are shown in green on the TRZ® Software, as pictured above.