Are the TRZ® Software judgment criteria only applicable to ATCP parts? If so, do you have specifications and tolerances for other converters (DUKANE, etc.)? We currently have tips (sonotrodes) wrought machined by a local vendor, which have been internally tuned. For that, an old Dukane Analyzer was used (with knob and Fr only), but this is a subjective process and leads to error [...] I am getting lost at the TRZ® Software acceptable criteria table for Za, Fa, Zr, and Qm. Since we don’t use a booster, I am not sure where the impedances (Zr and Za) should be. Though I understand the higher the Qm the better, I don’t know which value is considered as being too low and if it changes with the horn size. Mr. M.P.

The TRZ® Software judgment criteria are general and based on our field experience with standard commercial equipment. They can be used as a reasonable first approach to any brand. However, we recommend for you to refine them considering your system specifics or those of a new/reference stack. The most important parameters for maintenance and quality control are the frequency (Fa or Fr depending on how you drive your transducer/converter) and the mechanical quality factor Qm this parameter will be helpful for you because the old Dukane Analyzer does not determine it. To have a reasonable transducer or acoustic stack, you need to be at the right frequency and to vibrate efficiently; only the right frequency is not enough. The other parameters are secondary and related to the frequency and Qm. As a first step to improve the quality control, you may customize the TRZ® Software judgment criteria for Fr and Qm only, leaving the other ones with open acceptance intervals. Note: At ATCP we are specialized in test instruments and we do not manufacture ultrasonic parts.

FAQ: I noticed that every time I close the software, the criteria reset and I have to reload it when I reopen it.. Is there a way to keep the setting without the need to reload it every time the software is booted?

To save the criteria file you imported, you just need to open up the criteria spreadsheet and click on “Save and exit”. These steps will save the criteria you imported on the system criteria internal file.

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