FAQ: We have RINCO ultrasonic 20 kHz. Can you tell us how to know the parameters for testing the stack and parts (converter, booster and sonotrode)? Mr. G.Z.

Criteria selection in the TRZ Software according to the frequency and ultrasonic device.

Criteria selection in the TRZ® Software according to the frequency and ultrasonic device.

TRZ® Analyzer software has pre-programmed acceptance criteria for typical ultrasonic welding equipment, including 20 kHz parts (converter, booster and horn/stack within the 15-70 kHz range), as shown in the figure. The results are displayed in green (pass) or red (fail). These criteria are standard values based on our field experience, so each TRZ® Software user may refine them based on manufacturer specs or their own practical experience using good parts as reference. The user can also create new criteria for quality control at the production line of ultrasonic transducers, which is very useful, mainly in key process such as medical and cleaning applications, for example.

The TRZ® Analyzer includes 04 hours training via videoconference to speed-up the customer learning curve. This training may include sonotrodes tuning, converters assembly and acoustic stack testing, or a specific application in agreement with the customer needs. It also includes 30 days of remote support by email or WhatsApp for additional technical support.

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