FAQ: What is the ultimate difference between TRZ® Analyzer and an impedance analyzer? Mr. J.N.

TRZ® Analyzer is an impedance analyzer optimized for power ultrasonics. It has specific features as results judgment based on acceptance criteria, test reports and protection against electrical discharges that make it highly practical and reliable for maintenance and quality control. On the other hand, in some aspects, it is simpler than a traditional impedance analyzer to keep the interface user-friendly and the cost-benefit ratio attractive.

For advanced users working with R&D projects, a traditional impedance analyzer may be more multipurpose and precise than TRZ® Analyzer despite presenting worse cost-benefit ratio. For quality control at the production line and daily maintenance of power ultrasonics, TRZ® Analyzer is the best choice.

An important difference of TRZ® Analyzer is its sturdy protections against electrical discharges, what it is quite common when the users accidentally connect a charged converter to be tested. After applying the prestress in a new or refurbished converter with open terminals, you may have easily a 100 μC discharge at kV range.

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