FAQ: We are currently using in our production lines 20KHz ultrasonic welding systems for plastic components. We are interested in your equipment for performing maintenance tasks, such as preventive maintenance tasks for the ultrasonic stacks and also for checking the quality of new horns that will be used as spare parts. The transducers, and boosters are manufactured by BRANSON and the horns that we are using is our design and manufacture. Is there anything else that you could suggest us in terms of equipment or process wise for preventive maintenance tasks?

Despite the robust appearance, the acoustic stack and its components are sensitive to the interfaces conditions and mounting torques. Scratches and damage to the parts surfaces cause stress concentration and cracks. Because of that, in addition to our test instruments we suggest the use of torque wrenches and vises suitable for maintenance procedures as listed below:

- Torque screwdriver for studs inserting with controlled torque. At ATCP we use the TOPTUL GCAI0202. A popular alternative is the Gedore PGNE 4.5 FS. The torque screwdriver torque range should include 2 Nm (≈1,5 ft.-lb.).

- Torque wrench for the acoustic stack assembling with correct torque. This wrench may be provided by the ultrasonic stack manufacturer (if we are not mistaken, Branson code for their 20 kHz torque wrench is 101-063-787). At ATCP we use a Gedore Torcofix-K 4550-20 torque wrench together with an adapted monkey wrench. The torque wrench range must include the range of 15 to 60 Nm (approximately 10 to 45 ft.-lb.).

- Vise for the assembly and disassembly of the acoustic stack. These vises are dedicated and provided by the ultrasonic stack manufacturer (Branson code for their vise is 100-063-642). Dukane's online store and Tributek.us also supply these vises. When choosing, pay attention to the diameters and frequencies of each model.

- Granite surface plate and fine sandpaper for the recovery of interfaces. A 12 "x 18" x 3 granite plate is enough.

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